AFC Asian Cup United Arab Emirates vs. Australia (1-0)

United Arab Emirates vs. Australia (1 - 0)
united arab emirates versus australia

The host nation UAE is will proceed to the semi-finals of the AFC Asian Cup having beaten the Australians with only 1 goal. The AFC Asian Cup have produced the most bizarre match results since the start of the of the tournament, and now for the last match of the quarterfinals, it did not disappoint. 
Coming into this match, the Australians were the favorites win even if it's played on the UAE's ground. The Australians have most of the possessions and shots most of the game but they didn't capitalize. The only goal in this match came from a blunder back pass from the Aussie's defense not noticing UAE's striker Ali Mabkhout on the way to intercept the pass which eventually lead to the winning goal.

Match Highlights from AFC Asian Cup youtube channel.


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