Who will be crowned 2011 Uefa Champions League Champion?

Now that only four teams are left for the 2011 Champions League tournament. Who will be crowned champions?

With the first legs of the semi finals going to FC Barcelona (2-0 win against Real Madrid) and Manchester United (2-0 win against Schalke FC), I'd to say that FC Barcelona and Manchester United will most likely meet in the finals, there's a big BUT we can't just take out Real Madrid and Schalke for a space in the finals. I mean, having reached this far, they won't simply hand over the opportunity of becoming Champions and the right to be called the #1 football club in Europe. The ball is round and 90 minutes is enough to create an upset for FC Barcelona and Manchester United.

Here's the match schedules for the 2nd leg game:

May 3, 2011
Real Madrid FC vs FC Barcelona

(FC Barcelona leads Read Madrid FC 2-0 at Camp Nou-Barcelona)

May 4, 2011
Manchester United vs FC Schalke

(Manchester United leads FC Schalke 2-0 at Old Trafford-Manchester)

Anyway, Manchester United for the win! :) Hahahaha... Hope they'll be crowned champions once more!! Glory glory Man United!!

Source: UEFA.com


Rii said...

I vote for Madrid! Ganbatte yo!

Xiaoness said...

Woot! Madrid all the way!

wynaut blog said...

Madrid FTW!

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