Manchester United for the Champions League Finals!

Manchester United boosted their way to the Champions League finals defeating FC Schalke with a commanding score of 4-1 (6-1 on aggregate) during their 2nd leg match in Old Trafford(Home to Manchester United football club), thus completely finishing the task of stopping FC Schalke and securing a spot in the finals.

Now that Manchester United FC is in, this is gonna be one of the best REMATCH in the sport. Will the club edge out FC Barcelona in the finals and avenge their loss last 2009 Champions League Finals.

No matter what happens! I'm Manchester United all the way!!
GLORY!! GLORY!! Man. United!!


2012OLYMPICS said...

Who will win the cup?
I'm so excited for the finals!

Xiaoness said...
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Digital Doodles said...

May the best team win~ :D

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