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Being a Filipino soccer player, I am proud that my country has it's own Football team who is currently competing in some tournaments inside and outside the country. The Philippine Football team named the "Azkals", derived from the tagalog word asong kalye as which means street dog started as one of the oldest teams in Asia but even if they are one of the oldest, they never had significant success in the international stage. And for the past years, they were one of the weakest teams in Asia. But even if their record is not that good, players still did not quit on the sport but instead, they are still improving their skills with the help of foreign players such as the Younghusband brother's who are reserves for Chelsea FC. For 2008, the teams is headed again for another upcoming matches for the 2008 AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers. I'm hoping for the best results for the team... God bless "Azkals"!!

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