Adidas Predator for Soccer Shoes

The Adidas Predator

The Adidas Predator is one of Adidas' products in soccer shoes for better playing, worn by some famous football superstars such as David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane and Frank Lampard. Truly a must wear! Anyway, The Predator has extraordinary features which made it as one of the preferred apparel for these superstars. Some of these features were:

  • Dynamic PowerPulse - it's metallic powdered element shifts the weight forward and gives extra power for every kick.
  • Xternal Heel Counter - gives extra comfort, support and helps improve stability.
  • Engineered Predator Technology - has the swerve zone, for greater accuracy and the power zone for power.
Adidas also provided "The Predator" to fit in different fields such as soft, hard, astro turf, indoor, and firm.

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