Steps in using SOPCAST for watching live Football games

I have been watching (live) football games and other television programs in my PC just using SopCast. SopCast as described in my post about SopCast, is a software that uses P2P(peer to peer) technology for video and audio streaming using internet connection. In this post, I just want to share how this software works.

Here are the steps in using the software:
1.) Installation(of course, you need it. If you have the installer, just follow the steps for installation. :) or if you don't have one, just click this link for downloading. )

2.) If it's already running, just sign in as anonymous then you are in.

3.) You should see a tabbed pane in the GUI, then just click Live channels if you want to watch television programs or you could go to for live Football game channels.

4.) Your view should be like this if SopCast works.

Enjoy watching!!



toocool said...

thankz for the information

toocool said...
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toocool said...

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digitaltvv said...

Great tutorial, with sopcast player people can watch online TV channels stream with HQ video.
Some of Sopcast streams you can find here

Abdullahel Kafe said...

Excellent post. Its very interesting and helpful. Thanks for your nice post.
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