FC Barcelona won over Celtic(1-0)

FC Barcelona vs Celtic FC

The Spaniards had also gone through!!

FC Barcelona had gone gone through the knockout rounds beating Celtic FC for a spot for the next matches in the Champions League last march 4, 2008.
An early goal delivered by Xavi Hernandez with only 3 minutes time lapsed in the first half(1-0) secured a spot for the Spaniards in the next rounds of matches in the Champions League. Though they already got a (3-2) lead on the first leg, the team still continued to push through. The goal was made possible when Barcelona put together a fine move, keeping possession and passing the ball around confidently, before Ronaldinho plays a cute flick into the path of Sylvinho down the left. The Brazilian sends over a cross and Xavi Hernández is there to flick the ball over Artur Boruc. The Spaniards now had the chance to win the Champions League title again. Considering that the reigning champions AC Milan already got knocked out.

Xavi celebrates after he delivered a goal in the early minutes of the game

News Source: UEFA.com

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