Being a Goalkeeper...

Being a goalkeeper in a particular soccer game is a very enjoy and thrilling position to be. Being a goalkeeper gives you full responsibility of the goalpost which is the target of the enemy strikers, it's a task as hard as the task of a security personnel guarding a certain facility(Am I exaggerating?? Hehehe...). Anyway, being a goalkeeper is not an easy task even during trainings(I, myself had problems regarding that.. Hehehe..). It's because you need to be physically fit(you'll be really needing that body strength), mentally fit(quick reactions during play) and emotionally fit(strong heart and will power) to become a goalkeeper. For me, without these basics requirements you could not become a goalkeeper even if you wanted to be in that position. But just keep on trying, one day you'll find yourself in that position.

I have posted a video above showing goalkeeper saves and skills. Enjoy!!
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